Picking the “best of” anything is a very subjective process. You may have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop, sports team, or hairstylist, and it’s likely you’re neighbor has a entirely different list for completely different reasons. When it comes to choosing a best doctor, there can be no mistake – finding a qualified, health care professional is one of the most important things you can do to for the health and well being of yourself and your family.

“If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?” That’s the question that Best Doctors in America®, asks when they survey physicians nationwide to put together their database. Physicians who are voted Best Doctors then complete follow-up surveys asking detailed questions about their practices. Surveys are analyzed and assigned an aggregate score for placement on the Best Doctors list. The list is impartial, and no doctor can buy his or her way onto the list—two reasons we’ve trusted it as a source.

The Best Doctors in America® list totals 46,000 doctors in over 400 specialties and sub specialties across the country —the top 5 percent of all the nation’s doctors, so the 1029 Washington doctors listed here are the best of the best.

This list is only a starting point, of course. Only you can decide if a particular doctor is right for your individual medical needs. You need to be satisfied with your physician for not only the medical treatment, but also the personal treatment that you receive. Whether you’re looking for a primary care physician or a specialist, it pays to do as much research as you can to ensure that you find the right match. It’s with that goal in mind, that we present our annual “Best Doctors” feature – here’s to your continued good health!


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Best Doctor List 2012